Flow Consulting (formerly Jane Helleur & Associates Inc.) was founded and incorporated in 1996. We’ve built a strong reputation as trusted and highly skilled management consultants and advisors.

We are typically engaged for:

•  Governance Development
•  Strategic Planning
•  Business and Operational Planning
•  Business and Operational Reviews
•  Organizational Administrative Reviews
•  Stakeholder Engagement Initiatives
•  Large and Small Group Facilitation
•  Organizational Development Initiatives
•  Business Case/Feasibility Analysis
•  Market Research
•  Program Evaluation

For market research and intelligence projects here in Newfoundland and Labrador, Flow Consulting is affiliated with Corporate Research Associates, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The partnership helps complement the suite of services we can provide to you.

Services provided include:

•  Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality

•  Measurement Programs
•  Advertising Tracking and Creative

•  Development Research
•  Market Feasibility Studies
•  Syndicated Public Opinion Research              (including the Atlantic Quarterly ® and the     Urban Reports)
•  New Product Development Research
•  Business-to-Business Research
•  Employee Engagement Research
•  Online Research
•  Advanced Analytics

For more information on market research projects, contact:

Jean Cook
Phone: 709-722-3344

Jane Pardy

Phone: 709-722-8196

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We are truly committed to your success. We do not take any shortcuts. Our work is guided by deeply held values of integrity, generosity and excellence. We also coach and support to help you build deepened capabilities.